Kristina’s passions have always revolved around the intersection of business and creativity. Since graduating with honors in Marketing, Advertising and PR she has been involved with organizing events such as TEDx and Youth on The Move as well as consulting for fashion tech and wearable tech startups. Fascinated with way technology is changing society and business, she dedicated her undergraduate research on the effects of social networks on client – advertising agencies relationships. Apart from passion for researching trends, she has experience in content management,  journalism and social media marketing.




Hristiyan is a materials scientist – that specific type of a nutter who gets their kicks out of intimately stroking a chunk of newly formulated concrete composite. He has a degree in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University where he learnt to break rules, ground, boundaries and an unfortunate number of Ikea crockery sets. Hristiyan makes objects of various scale, complexity and purpose and likes to be involved in the process from the drawing board to the final outcome. He is also adamantly refusing to admit that ‘print might be dead’ and has spitefully set-up a specialist printing studio called Stripy Door. He has somehow managed to hug Sir Paul Smith, exhibit at London Design Festival and feature in Creative Review.



KARINA ISMAT, Co-founder & COO

Technology appealed with vast passion for design, Karina believes that in-depth detail, proportions and functionality could be found in all areas of art disciplines. She graduated with collective degree in Architecture from University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, gaining experience and knowledge in design and construction in the UK and US. Along with her dedication to architecture, Karina has been a coordinator in the MSA BA2 Exhibition, organizer of Gate 84 workshop and part of ParkLife’s event management team.