As the song goes.. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And as ecommerce is not showing signs of slowing down, buying a beautiful gift for somebody special is not limited to high street jewelry retailers. Online brands are now a valid option too. Just in case you’re thinking of such a purchase in time for the holiday season, we created a guide with a few important things to consider.

Do Your Research

With so much choice available online from retailers such as Ascot Diamonds, it’s important for customers to make sure that they have done some research and have a good idea of the type and style of jewelry that they are looking. Being as specific as possible when it comes to your idea of the perfect piece will make it easier for brand consultants to find the right match for you. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, it’s then crucial to do some research on the retailer – asking questions such as how long they have been trading, whether or not they meet ethical guidelines, and what kind of reviews they have will help you making the right decision. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably best to try somewhere else.

Stick to Brands You Know

It can be tempting to choose a piece of diamond jewelry from a retailer you’ve never heard of before simply because the price seems too good to be true. When shopping for anything online, but especially when shopping for valuable goods, you should always be vigilant about the retailers you shop with. Keep in mind that if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you find a retailer or brand that you weren’t aware of, conducting some research on them, such as looking for independent customer reviews and reading about the history of the company, will help you to decide whether or not it’s a risky purchase. Never buy valuable diamond jewelry from online sellers who do not offer a secure payment process.

Have the Diamond Appraised

Although it may cost you a little more, having the diamond looked over and verified by an expert can give you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that the item you’ve purchased online is authentic and genuine. Along with looking out for a laser inscription on the diamond itself and verifying the GIA record to prove that your diamond is real, an appraisal from an expert can assure you that your jewelry is worth what you paid for it.

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