Fashion technologists and garment engineers are part of the new wave of fashion companies that have started to spring up. These, usually very small teams, are the pioneers who are at the forefront of the wearable tech apparel movement. They are fearless risk-takers ready to transform the industry.

Our mission is to highlight these innovators through everything we do from news articles and reports to events.




Smart fashion is important for both established fashion houses and technology companies. Our aim is to expose these corporations to new ideas, challenge their thinking and foster creative collaborations.

If the next phase of personal computing is to be worn, brands and manufacturers must immerse themselves in fashion trends and psychology to inspire design. We seek to start a dialogue between the innovators in the space and established players, developing paths to mainstream commercial success in the consumer market.




Today’s fashion & design graduates will be tomorrow’s Alexander McQueens & Vivienne Westwoods. As the concept of smart fashion is gaining momentum, if these future talents want to be successful, they will need not only creative skills but engineering ones too.

In an industry right for disruption, most of them share challenges like skills shortage, lack of mentorship and resources. We aim to connect these future talents with fashion tech pioneers and established companies, inspire and excite them about the possibilities in the field. Our events, news articles and reports are sources of valuable information about this emerging industry.



For wearables to really take off, they need to invade the worlds of ready-to-wear, haute couture, and street fashion. This means being known and popular among end consumers.

Currently the concept of wearable tech apparel has not been effectively communicated to the wider public. However, it is namely consumer demand that will speed the adoption of smart fashion. If there’s a need to be filled it will be necessary for corporations and pioneers to collaborate and bring to market their products quicker.