One of the main challenges in fashion tech, especially when we talk about clothing, is washability. Even though there have been improvements in the area, garments with embedded technology are still difficult to take care of or specialised equipment. But that is set to change soon.

MAS Holdings, an apparel technology company that works with major global brands in intimate apparel and sportswear, has unveiled a new sub-brand that embeds illumination into flexible fabrics and is completely washable. Firefly, as the new venture is called, is patented technology solution that can illuminate fashion, accessories, safety wear, and kids wear, among other products.

firefly-fashiontech-interlaced  The solution mimicks bio-motion to light up on demand safely and effectively. Products integrating the Firefly illumination technology can stay lit for up to four hours. The LED lights can be activated as easy as pressing a button and recharged easily with a USB.

This offers designers freedom to be more creative and expressive without worrying about special garment treatment. What’s more, Firefly is an opportunity for creative to innovate while also manufacture affordably and quickly through MAS’s globally integrated supply chain.

“We have meticulously evolved over the years into high performance sports and swimwear towards the convergence of fashion, lifestyle and technology,“ says Nathan Sivagananathan, Chief Growth Officer at MAS. “Firefly, our groundbreaking illumination technology is merely scratching the surface. We are determined to continue cultivating change while enhancing the necessary and creating the unexpected.”

Firefly is off to a flying start (pun intended). The company was selected as a CES® 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech product category. We can’t wait to see how it will empower designers and creative worldwide.

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