Chelsea Flower Show is getting a fashion tech update this year. In celebration of this year’s blooming extravaganza, high-end boutique Leggera Nell’Aria has worked with creative designers Bushra Burge and Milan Prucha for an interactive flower dress.

The piece, called Xpollination, wants to measure the mood of the area. To do this, people are encouraged to tweet @KingsRoadLdn with one of the following: #mod, #punk, #sloane & #Xpollination or, alternatively, tweet a selfie in the genre (mod/punk/slone). They then get a unique flower with matching colours tweeted back, which also appears on the dress in the boutique.

The dress will be on display until 4th June. As the weeks progress Xpollination will become interactive and all those tweeting to King’s Road will be able to see their unique flower on the garment.

We caught up with Bushra to tell us more about her latest creation.

Bushra Burge - Kings Road

Why did you create the Xpollination dress?

To highlight the cross pollination of iconic styles that the King’s Road has established a world class reputation for. We wanted to create a luxe-craft dress which uses European made fabrics using hand painted flowers to really mix the tangibles with the digital. The dress in itself is flower like.

How does the technology work?

The technology used is Unity to create the interactive animation and searches twitter for the hashtags. It manipulates a repository of flowers I have created to create unique flowers but the animation recycles through

How long will it take from the time someone tweets to the time when they see their flower design added to the dress?

The flower should take an hour, just enough for someone to upload a selfie when they come out of  Sloane Square station, have a coffee and wander up to the shop. The interactive part will officially start this Saturday (27th May).

What has the feedback been?

People have found it mesmerising and love the fact it is an interesting take on flowers during the Chelsea Fringe Festival and Chelsea Flower Show.

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