All I want for Christmas is you (if you’re holding a Gianoi bag that’s also for me). Okay, we kid, we kid. Promise! But just in case you’re still looking for a gift for the most stylish and tech-savvy people in your life, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fashion tech items.



The Gianoi bags are an excellent example of successful fusion of fashion and technology. The brand stands for captivatingly beautiful pieces with function, fusing timeless aesthetic with a modern vision. You may wonder what this means exactly. Here’s the deal. Each hand-crafted Gianoi piece lets the owner charge her phone on the move. Moreover, the beautiful ornament on the front of each back discretely lights up to notify the wearer of calls, messages or social updates. The bags, which include three different models (large, small and purse), come with a sleek wireless charging plate for easy charging, so you’ll never need to connect it to a traditional plug.



The first Wisewear collection, called The Socialite, is a range of smart bracelets that don’t compromise style over function. Befriending the fashion crowd is a top of mind for the brand, so the bracelet are designed with versatility in mind – perfect for everyday wear. Each Wisewear product lets the wearer receive real-time alerts with customized vibration patterns. The company also takes safety seriously. Wearers can tap their bracelets to send a distress signal to the people they choose in times of potential danger. Staying mindful of your health and wellness is taken care of too as the products lets people track their activity throughout the day and receive feedback on their progress and performance.



Just in time for the holidays Barclaycard partnered with Topshop for the launch of an accessories collection incorporating the bPay contactless payment technology. The range includes fun and quirky stickers, bracelets, key rings and phone cases, which users can link to most debit or credit cards. The items can be pre-loaded with up to £30, letting owners pay for things with just a touch.


baublebar Another timely and beautiful collaboration comes from chic jewellery fashion brand Baublebar and fitness tracker company Jawbone. The two have collaborated on a range of gorgeous bracelets for fashion tech lovers. The collection includes three different bracelet styles for Jawbone’s Up Move tracker. The bracelets have a square-shaped face that’s accented with studs or crystals. Each bracelet is available in variety of colours.



Perfect for style-conscious music enthusiasts, Frends headphones offer incredible sound quality and aesthetics. The company is constantly collaborating with creatives and fashion brands and is consistently adored for their jewelry-inspired materials, sleek look and warm sound. We love their collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana which graced the runway in Milan this September but just in case you don’t have £3+k to spend on a Christmas gift, we suggest you to have a look at their Resin, Taylor and Layla collections. Shop via our friends at Teqtique.



Tech-advanced dark-matter design duo Ada+Nik unveiled The Narrative Jacket back in February in collaboration with the Narrative Clip. The creation is the world’s first leather jacket with in-built camera can capture photos and location data without conscious interaction, featuring intricate technical detail and quality fabrics such as by-product leather. Fashion blogger Geraint from HisNameIsFashion wore the Narrative Jacket at INTERLACED 2015 fashion tech catwalk show in September. We’re thrilled to see that the duo has been enjoying an incredible success and that fans of the brand can now get hold of this fashion tech piece, stoked at Harrods.



Another INTERLACED favourite that we saw on our runway in September is XOO. The XOO belt is a smartphone — charging belt worth wearing. Combining style and function, it is available in two ranges –  classic XOO and a range in collaboration with the London-based menswear duo Casely — Hayford, which includes a fake rabbit fur belt with electric blue vegetan leather.



It’s called the world’s most exclusive men’s jewellery for a reason. Earlier this year we interviewed Aleksandr Bernhard, CEO of Christophe & Co, who told us about the inspiration behind the most expensive wearable in the world. In addition to advanced communication functions and security, the connected cuff bracelets give their owner access to the most exclusive luxury private and high profile events in the world. Getting one of these starts by requesting a private key to access the Christophe & Co’s website, after which.. you only need between $70k – $150k for the purchase.


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