After announcing Nadi X in 2016 – activated yoga apparel with embedded technology – fashion technology studio Wearable X has just unveiled that people can now get their hands on a pair of the product.

Nadi X is the first direct-to-consumer item from Wearable X, which has previously worked on branded projects such as Durex Fundawear and the Fox Alert Shirt.

Using vibrational feedback, the pants guide the wearer towards accurate yoga poses. Nadi X have the ability to identify the pose the wearer is in and then provide real time feedback through gentle pulses that draw awareness to the focal points of each pose.

The pants work with a companion iPhone app (with 30 poses and playlists to accompany them) and a battery, called the “Pulse”, which people have to clip behind the upper left knee in order to power the sensations in the pants. The frequency and intensity of each vibration rhythm encourage how to orient the body in each pose. Billie Whitehouse, co-founder and CEO of Wearable X shares that her team worked with more than 50 yogis across three different continents to understand the importance of alignment in time and space and create a useful product. While Nadi X cater for both beginners and pros, current price of $299 is likely to attract mainly serious yoga lovers at first. Still, the cost feels reasonable for technology embedded activewear. And when you compare Nadi’s price to the cost of hiring private a yoga instructor (which can be between $150 and $200 per hour), the offering sounds appealing. Nadi X should be the only guide you need for perfecting your downward facing dog.

Nadi x wearable x interlaced


Nadi X links clearly to Wearable X’s mission of utilising the skin as an interface and using technology to empower the human experience, not overtake it. We are thrilled to see the consumer launch of the product and can’t wait to get a pair!

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